Vibrations travelling through an elastic medium in a form of sound waves enter our ear canal with a little help of pinna, the outer part of the ear that directs the sound in the right way.

At some point the sound crashes into the eardrum which passes the vibrations through the bones into the inner ear. The vibrations are transformed into electrical signals and transfered by nerves directlly to our brain. And the music of life happens.

The outer ear consists of pinna and the external auditory canal, here the sound is caught and directed into the ear. Moving further there is eardrum and behind it the three ossicles (hammer, anvil and stirrup) and all these particles form the middle ear.

Eardrum is a membrane that vibrates when the soundwaves meets it, the vibrations are then sent from the membrane to ossicles and further into the inner ear or to be exact, to the snail-shaped, fluid-filled strucutre called cochlea which transforms the vibrations into the electrical signal and sends them by the auditory nerve into the brain.

Every single part of the hearing process needs to work perfectly if not, we experience hearing loss, when it happens, we are here for you.

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