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AUDIO BM hearing centers are contract retailers for Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia ZZZS.


What is a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a small electronic device can improve the hearing of the hearing impaired.

Its basic parts are a microphone, amplifier and a speaker. The sound from your surroundings is received through a microphone, where the sound waves are converted to electrical signals, which are then sent to an amplifier. The amplifier selectively increases the power of these signals, so that it matches the needs for the specific type and degree of hearing loss.

Hearing aid technology has advanced and improved dramatically in recent years. Today’s digital hearing aids can ensure that the quiet sounds become audible, while making sure loud sounds are not too loud and uncomfortable. Many sophisticated improvements include protection from sudden loud sounds and increasing the ability to understand speech in a noisy environment, thanks to automatic adjustments in different acoustic conditions.

About a tenth of the world’s population is frustrated with the inconveniences their hearing loss is bringing into their daily life. They can misinterpret important conversations which usually leads them to disappointment and withdrawal from social activities. Many of these problems and inconveniences can be easily solved, but the sad fact is, people are hesitating to take the first step because of the misinformation flood about hearing loss and hearing aids.

Hearing aids have helped many individuals regain their will to live, which means all the feelings of shame and embarrassment about our hearing loss is really redundant. Wearing hearing aids should be considered the same as wearing glasses. We can see that even some celebrities like Rudi Carrell and Bill Clinton are not holding back when it comes to improving their hearing.


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The new hearing aid systems meet the highest standards for design and comfort.

Conventional hearing aids are being turned into tiny, small, high-tech systems that became even smaller in recent years, while retaining high performance. With each new generation the devices are becoming more user friendly and customizable. Unpleasant sounds and echoes are now a thing of the past. New hearing aid technologies reduce surrounding noise and enhance speech, making conversations possible even in noisy environments.

A hearing aid can never replace normal hearing, but it can significantly improve hearing abilities and allow differentiation of voices in different hearing environments. Hearing aids will not be as effective with some people as with other. Its effectiveness depends on the type and degree of hearing loss, even more importantly, the motivation and interest of the hearing aid user to wear and become accustomed to hearing aid use.

For a better hearing, we advise you visit an ENT specialist and a hearing aid distributor as soon as possible. They will help you!

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Hearing aids are sophisticated technical devices that can change your life for the better!

What to do if the hearing aid isn’t enough?

Above all: trust the professionals! ENT specialists will be able to advise you and suggest the best possible solution. Different types of devices may need to be used when dealing with severe hearing loss. You probably already heard of cochlear implants. In Slovenia, the first medical operation was performed at the University Clinical Center Ljubljana in March 1996 and another in University Clinical Center Maribor in 2007. The success is remarkable. You can choose between three renowned manufacturers of cochlear implants: Cochlear, MED-EL and Advanced Bionics.

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To better overcome certain problems that you may be experiencing, besides using your hearing aids, consult your AUDIO BM hearing healthcare professional about the assistive listening devices such as: FM systems, special hearing aids, hearing loops and others.


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Hearing aid offer at AUDIO BM hearing centers

Our offer includes a wide range of hearing aids from two world known manufacturers: UNITRON and SONIC.

You can choose from a range of hearing aids which are within the ENT referral price range (without surcharges) or choose from variety of advanced hearing aids with numerous improvements for better speech recognition, noise reduction and wireless connectivity…

Hearing healthcare specialist at AUDIO BM hearing center will provide you with expert advice and help you choose a hearing aid that will serve your needs. Choosing the right hearing aid, service, maintenance, individual and accurate fitting, competitive prices – all of these are very important for long-term satisfaction. Find out why so many satisfied customers trust us!





Find out more about the available styles, types, colors, earmolds, solutions for babies, prices…

Types and styles

We provide a wide selection of products. Together with your ENT specialist and AUDIO BM hearing healthcare professional, you will find the most suitable type, focusing on:

  • Functionality
  • Color matching
  • Complexity of handling

Hearing aid styles


Receiver-In-Canal hearing aid (RIC) UNITRON: Moxi2Kiss, Moxi Fit, Moxi All; SONIC: Enchant

Moxi2 Kiss received two prestigious design awards. Exceptional discretion! Practically invisible! The speaker dome can be done with open or close fitting.

Receiver-In-Canal hearing aid with open fitting

UNITRON: Moxi, Quantum2, Shine Rev3, Shine Rev4, Stride

SONIC: Pep, Bliss Cheer

At AUDIO BM open fitting is also available with the hearing aids in the ENT referral price range (without surcharges). In case this fitting is suitable for your hearing loss, we strongly recommend it, as it provides the most natural sound.

Behind-The-Ear with a classic earmold

UNITRON: Quantum2, Max, Shine Rev3, Shine Rev4, Stride;

SONIC: Pep, Bliss, Cheer, Enchant.

Besides the classic earmold option you can also prompt for a slim tube system, which uses a dome as an ear piece.

At AUDIO BM, the COLOR of behind-the-ear hearing aids is chosen by consulting your first!

 Choose the appearance of your hearing aid so you can wear it in style!


In-the-ear hearing aid ITE

UNITRON: Insera, Quantum2, Shine Rev3, Shine Rev4,

SONIC: Pep, Bliss

UNITRON in-the-ear hearing aids have also numerous options of adjusting, which can be added depending on each individual’s needs. Every ear has its unique form and that is why we need to space the buttons and controls in a way that is practical for you. Hearing aids do most of the adjustments automatically, but you can still make some fine and precise adjustments with the remote control or your mobile phone.

Completely-In-Canal CIC

UNITRON: Insera, Quantum2, Shine Rev4.

CIC hearing aids are practically invisible.

Note: the limited series: Insera, Moxi, Quantum2, Max, Pep, Cheer and Bliss are available in multiple technology levels and price ranges. All details about these can be found in “more about hearing aid functionality”. Together with your AUDIO BM hearing healthcare professional, you will be able to find the most suitable solution to match your needs and demands, which you can also try out for free and without any commitment.

We accept referrals for hearing aids from all ENT clinics.

Hearing aid COLORS

At AUDIO BM hearing centers we match the color of your hearing aid to your overall image!

Do not settle for the first color offered! Usually the color of the hearing aids (also Behind-The-Ear ones) is beige. BUT IS BEIGE REALLY THE MOST APPRORIATE COLOR FOR YOU? Check if your hearing aid model is available in other colors that match your hair color or the color of your glasses for example. We are well aware that the hearing aid is not just a device for better listening and understanding, it is also important that it looks good on you. You will use it for at least 6 years or more. In addition to quality sound and reliable performance, your hearing aid can also look beautiful, discrete and consistent with your appearance.

The picture above shows behind-the-ear hearing aids in different colors. When we look at them on the computer screen, they might seem big and very noticeable, but in person and behind the ear, they look completely different, as they are barely noticeable. Feel welcome to visit one of our AUDIO Hearing Centers, so you can see how these colors look in person.

Hearing solutions for kids

Listening is essential for the development of spoken language. The first 6 months of our lives present the most important period in the development good linguistic skills. Even the smallest degree of hearing loss in early childhood can affect the development of speech/language. Speech perception is demanding because speech does not consist of individual and immutable units, which makes the proper functioning of the hearing system even more important.


We need to find and make a suitable shape of the earmold for each individual ear. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, including the latest 3D scanner technology. Earmold impressions are digitally processed via powerful software that can determine all the necessary details (such as design, optimal acoustic properties, ventilation…).

3D scanner used at AUDIO BM.


We manufacture individual hard and soft earmolds:

We recommend an additional venting canal (intellivent) for more comfort, natural sound and to decrease the sense of occlusion, that can be used if your hearing allows it.

Individual ear pieces / domes:

Different sized domes are available for open and closed fitting. They provide maximum comfort and discretion (completely hidden in the ear canal). Because they are dark, they are even more imperceptible as there is darkness in the ear canal.

We provide multiple products that can help you take care and maintain the hygiene of your earmold or your ear piece. You can find them in our web store.

Helpful tips when using hearing aids for the first time:

  • Find a quiet room at home and put your hearing aids on so you get accustomed to the new sound quality. Sounds like ticking of the clock, humming of your computer, beeping of the microwave or the noise from the paper and clothing can seem too loud at the very beginning, mostly because you did not hear them for a very long time.
  • Try to talk to various types of people so you can learn to recognize different patters of speech.
  • Try to wear your hearing aids for as many hours as possible, wear them every day, and for a little longer each day.
  • Let the hearing aids become a part of your daily life and remember to stay patient while learning to hear correctly.

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Your hearing aids accompany you everywhere you go. Daily exposure to weather and temperature changes, sweating, ear wax and other factors can reduce your hearing aid’s performance.

Hearing healthcare professionals at AUDIO BM want you to be able to enjoy the world of sounds and hear a lot of beautiful things. If you encounter problems when using your hearing aids do not hesitate to give us a call or visit one of our hearing centers for help, as we will gladly assist you.


Make sure to keep your hearing aid clean and maintain it in accordance to the instructions and the user guide. Take a look at our wide range of care and maintenance products to help you maintain and extend your hearing aid life.


If you have any problems, please contact your AUDIO BM hearing healthcare professional who will be happy to assist you. On our “tips” page we created a short user guide, which is available in the PDF format.


More about AUDIO hearing aid service >>


AUDIO BM hearing centers are contract retailers for Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia ZZZS. We provide quality UNITRON and SONIC hearing aid models, which are within the ENT referral price range (without surcharges).


Besides the basic hearing aid options we also provide a wide range of UNITRON hearing aids and also a wide range of SONIC hearing aids, that ensure easy handling, better speech recognition and natural sound.


Hearing aids have numerous variable specifications:

  • Design:
    • Behind-the-ear; with the receiver in the canal
    • In-the-ear; almost invisible are called: Completely-in-the-canal
  • Technology level:
    • Different acoustic feedback cancelation systems
    • Different noise reduction and speech enhancement systems
    • Different types of microphones (directional, omnidirectional…)
    • The number of audio processing channels (for example: 3, 6, 10, 20…) or different types of audio processing that don’t use channels
    • Output
    • Adjustability (adjusting according to the audiogram or listening environment…)
    • Closed or open fitting (without the occlusion effect)
    • Option of using a remote control (you can adjust your hearing aid setting discretely)
    • Automatic and manual adjustment (or a combination of both)
    • Capability of self-learning (your hearing aid learns about your optimal settings and parameters)
    • Colors


The most suitable hearing aid can not be picked out by only looking at the audiogram. It can be done only through professional consultation with each individual, so their hearing needs, demands and wishes are truly met. If you decide to choose a hearing aid that costs more than the ENT referral price range covers, there are surcharges, as you must pay the price difference.


The price of a hearing aid depends mostly on its specifications. For detailed information about hearing aids (also about prices for specific hearing aid models) we recommend you to visit your closest AUDIO BM hearing center >>

Hearing aids are more affordable than you might think!

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AUDIO BM hearing centers are contract retailers for Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia ZZZS.

We accept hearing aid referrals from all ENT clinics.  Choosing a hearing aid supplier is your FREE choice. Before buying a hearing aid, get to know and try out one of ours.


Many customers confirm our commitment to providing help so you can again hear and live better.

At AUDIO BM we work professionally and with our heart. We provide excellent service and the latest hearing aid models to meet all your needs and suit all generations - even at no extra cost.