Hearing aids consist of several important parts which can’t work properly without a quality set of batteries. Does it really make a difference? Are they really the best on the market? Will you get more for your money?

Yes! You will receive the best batteries in our hearing centers and yes, you will get more for your money. Not only more working time but also more clarity and intelligibility.

Each hearing aid requires it’s own type of batteries, some last 2-3 days while others 20-22 days. It all depends on the size of the hearing aid or the space left fort he battery. We also have to mention rechargeable batteries which might be ok but even those have to be replaced and the cost of those is bit over the price of single use batteries you would have to buy in the same period of time.

So how can you ensure taht the batteries will perform at their maximum? Follow these few steps.

– Keep the dead batteries away from the new ones. Dispose the properly. (Also important, don’t keep them close to any other metal objects, so they don’t became a danger to anyone who touches them after they start to leak).

– Keep the surface and hands clean when you change the batteries.

– Dont keep the batteries on direct sun, heat, moisture or in the refrigerator. Room temperature is perfect.

– While not using the hearing aid, open the battery door. That way batteries use less power and the moisture can be drawn out.

– Keep in mind that not all batteries perform the same. Try out different series and find wich ones are best for you.

– Remove the sticker right before the battery will be used.

– Remember to remove the battery if you have no intention of wearing the hearing aid any time soon. Leaving it in for too long would be dangerous since it might start leaking.

You are wellcome to check the battery offer at our hearing centers. You’ll find hearing aid batteries 10, 13, 312, 675 from a few different manufacturers and special 675 batteries designed for implants, last month we added a new series of batteries which have allready been tested by some of our customers and the feedback is great. Batteries last longer nad their performance is great.

For regular customers we offer special prices, get more information at AUDIO BM hearing centers.