Meaning of hearing


The first sense we develop is our hearing. It already enables us to hear our mother’s heartbeat and calming voice when we are still in the womb. It is the also one of our most important bridges to other people. This remains true through all our lives. The information that reaches us in the form of sound usually tends to touch us emotionally.


According to World Health Organization every tenth person has a hearing impairment. Medical science pays considerable attention to this field. In conjunction with technological advances, hearing can be made available to nearly anyone with a hearing loss.

Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.

Helen Keller

Humans are social beings, characterized by life in the community. Therefore, COMMUNICATION between people is crucial. The ability to share thoughts, desires, ideas and emotions with others is invaluable and so is our HEARING.

  • Hearing enables communication and recognition of voices that make an essential part of our daily life.
  • Hearing loss is considered to carry more impact than visual impairment because the auditory canal is the main source of information acquisition.
  • Our ears enable us to hear, but we usually just take that for granted and are not the aware of the important role our hearing plays.
  • The world we live in is the world adapted to people that are able to communicate well. In the case of a hearing loss, a number of problems can arise, whether we admit it or not.
  • Human hearing loss can also introduce loneliness and solitude.

It's nice to hear and to be able to hear out each other.

Listening is the essential for the development of spoken language.


The first 6 months of our lives present the most important period in the development of listening, since this is the time when infants develop the ability to discriminate linguistically important features of speech. Listening is thus essential for the development of spoken language.

The development of a deaf or a hard of hearing child follows the same rules as the development of a hearing child. Hearing loss brings up special features in the development of language, speech and communication.

Speech development occurs spontaneously. We mimic what we hear.

Hearing is especially important for child’s development!

Hearing is the ability to perceive sound.


The outer ear is made out of pinna and ear canal, which direct the sound towards the eardrum and middle ear. The middle ear’s role is to transfer the sound waves to the wave-like movement of the fluid in the cochlea. As waves of fluids are not strong as air waves, the transfer is strengthened by the eardrum and 3 little bones, also called auditory ossicles. The enhanced wave is transferred to the inner ear, which consists of the balance part and the cochlea. This is the most important part of the ear, as it converts the fluid waves into electrical impulses, which then travel through the auditory nerve, following neural connections to the cerebral cortex, where the sound perception in generated.

Ear dissection

Video about how hearing works




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