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When hearing loss occurs the sounds we take for granted might fade away and left our memories, days, connections with a sense of emptiness. All these experiencess might not bring as much joy as they would to a better hearing person.

Loosing these important sounds could lead to missing critical information such as dates, times, therapy labels, etc. Feeling of sadness due to not being able to participate in a conversation might lead to depression and sometimes even a complete social isolation.

Normally the first noticable stage of hearing loss is presented to us as an emarasement moment when an intelligible words is not understood correctly and mistaken for some other that completely changes the meaning of a sentence.

Hearing loss is strongly linked to dementia. The brain has to fill in the gaps created by hearing loss and takes away the ability to store memory. This compensation has several dangerous and negative effect on human brain ability.

As mentioned before, mental health difficulties are also linked to untreated hearing loss. Several researches have shown that adults with hearing loss are at much higher risk for dementia, falling and other injuries.

Last but not least imagine not being able to hear your grandchild smile, your loved one telling you they love you or birds singing in the morning? That does bring a sad feeling in our mind, doesnt it? And you deserve better.

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