Living with hearing loss is more or less  mistery to those with normal hearing, on the other hand living with an individual who doesn’t hear is daily challenging.

Individuals might not notice the hearing loss or think it’s not noticable, because it doesn’t happen over night, it occurs gradually. Because the loss gives us time, people get used to the changes withouth even realising they happened.

That’s when you step in. You might notice the hearing loss sooner than others. The time is crucial, normally individuals take as much as 7 to 10 years before they seek for help, after such long period of time people have trouble adjusting to hearing aids because the brain got used to the loss. That would be the only problem if you’de be lucky. Normally people experience other health issues linked to hearing loss.

So how can we get our loved ones to get help? Why don’t they listen? Mostly because we tend to be frustrated and annoyed by their condition. And with all that even our speech changes and becames unintelligible. We should make some adjustements to our speech. Slow down, use simple and fewer words. Let them see your face while you are talking. Never communicate with anger or other strong negative emotions, they might cause resistance towards the solution or directlly to hearing aids.

Compassion is the most important. Our employees know how grateful customers are if you show compassion. They feel understood and accepted. They should feel how much you care fort hem. Mention how the family and friends miss they company ever since they stopped socializing. Explain why the symptoms cause so much negative energy around them. Try not to scare them but don’t forget to mention other heatlh issues that are linked to hearing loss, most known demetia and depression.

Finding a happy hearing aids user might also be effective. Get them together and talk about getting help and how beneficial it was. Hearing aid users might get some answers to questions you could never imagine existed.

Last but not least is patience. It wont only take time to get help, it might even take time to get used to wearing hearing aids. Couple trips to doctors and hearing centers are inevitable. Let your loved one know you are there and will be helping druing the process. You might be into for a rollercoaster experience but in the end it’ll all be worth it.

If you need some more information or material to get the conversation about hearing loss started stop by the nearest hearing center. Acoustician will provide the information and material you’ll need to get prepared. While there you can also book an appointment to test your loved ones hearing and more detailed talk about hearing aids.