Congratulations on the purchase. You have made one of the best decisions in your life since hearing loss, to have and to use hearing aids. But the process does not end here and the best is yet to come. Remember the promise we made, that we really care about your hearing? Here it is. In the next few lines we gathered some of the best tips on how to hear even better with hearing aids.

Hearing aid wearing time

We know that sometimes individuals might get the feeling their hearing is perfectly fine. But are their loved ones getting a different picture? This happens for a very logical reason. The reason is that people with hearing loss tend to use their hearing aids only when they think they need them. But what they don’t realise is that our brains can not comprehend the idea of wearing a hearing aid only at certain times. Those times are mostly a very difficult areas of listening such as groups accompanied with noise therefore one of the toughest listening environments.

Solution to this problem is to wear hearing aids every day in every situation. As a result you will be used to listening with your hearing aids and when the time comes it will be easier to communicate in every environment.

Time is all you need

We all know that things take time. In other words getting used to hearing aids takes time. We can’t say exactlly how much time one will need to be an experienced hearing aid user, but we can promise everyone will get used to it sooner or later. Put your hearing aids on and explore the sounds that surround you. Try listening to your loved ones, TV, birds on the trees, river running by, your favorite song, anything that makes you happy. Take small steps, one at a time. Bacause of that by the end of the next few weeks you will be able to enjoy a group conversation, later on even the noise from the background won’t bother you anymore.


Now that you know you are experiencing hearing loss you might want to keep in mind that nothing can restore your hearing to the way it was before the loss. The closest to your normal hearing are hearing aids. But it can never be perfect. On the other hand, if the loss has been present for a long period of time you probably got used to it by now. Hearing aids will change that. Because of that some sounds might become annoying and others will be unpleasant, since the memory of the sounds has been erased due to the fact that you haven’t heard them in a while. All these unpleasant feelings will eventually fade away. You will get used to hearing a full picture and ignore the sounds that are not that important. For now, let your brain learn.


Positive mindset can work miracles. You have to trust your hearing acoustician. It might be hard to let your guard down, we do understand that. But now that you have decided and bought your hearing aids you know all we do is take care of your hearing in the best way possible. Let your hearing acoustician know what bothers you and follow the instructions you will be given.

Be honest to yourself. If you have really done everything you have been instructed to and still experience problems call one of our 14 hearing centers and we will be glad to help you.