Can’t get a break from »go get your hearing checked?« You’ve come to the right place. We know it can be difficult to deal with hearing loss and mostly people don’t realize how bad it is until others start to point out the problems that it’s causing. Because of the slow progression of the hearing loss caused by aging people tend to notice the loss years after it should be noticed. Along with it also comes fear or shame, we normally hear claims that it’s not so bad. But how bad is it? Do you want to know if you should get checked?

We have prepared 10 questions about hearing. You should keep track to how many of these you answered with “yes”. At the end you will find out how many affirmative answers is a minimum indicator to get your hearing checked.

Question no. 1

Is your TV volume higher than it is for the rest of your family (more than half scale up)?

Question no. 2

Are you reading peoples lips to understand the words?

Question no. 3

Do you hear but not always understand the words?

Question no. 4

Do you often ask people to repeat themselves?

Question no. 5

Do people ever inform you about your loud telephone conversations?

Question no. 6

Did others mention you might be experiencing hearing loss?

Question no. 7

Do you hear ringing or buzzing in your ears?

Question no. 8

Does it happen that you miss a phone, alarm or door-bell ringing?

Question no. 9

Do you notice troubles comunicationg in a group of three or more people?

Question no. 10

Do you often misunterstand what has been said to you?

If you have answered »yes« to at least three of the questions above it is time to give a nearby AUDIO BM hearing center a call and book a hearing test apointment. Reading these lines is also a sign that something might be happening with your hearing so make a first step to better & more audible life and let us help you.