Many of hearing tests done for young people end with a discovery that they are experiencing hearing loss. They never worked in a noisy environment, don’t remember having ear infections as a child. So what happend to their hearing? There are some other reasons but mostly in a conclusion the reason behind it is music.

Speaking of music, concerts and other events are normally really loud. Sometimes organizer try to and pays less for the sound system or thesound technician and if they fail to understand how much can they contribute to hearing loss, the danger is even greater. As an individual attending these events you need to take action before it is too late.

Hearing protection is also important for us, therefore we offer some solutions to protect your hearing and still be able to enjoy the music. There are two options, first are the silicone uni-size ear plug specially designed for music events, these are suitable for an occasional concert visitor. But if you live for concerts, spend most of your free time listening to music blasting out od concert speakers we recomend a professionall earplugs with fiolters made by the measures of your ears.

Concerts might bve dangerous, but still not as much as headphones. Young people tend to put the volume dangerously high to the point where permanent hearing loss could occur. By doing so, they lock themselves in their own careless and safe world by being unable to hear any outside sounds. But what they fail to realise is that such intense vibrations might permanently damage their hair cells and consequently cause hearing loss. Studies show that listening to music at max. volume for only 5 minutes per day will damage your hearing over short period of time.

Listening to music is what makes young people happy but not withouth some advice. First and most important is never turn the volume up to 100%. Keep in mind of the 60/60 rule. It means you should listen to music over headphones for not more than 60 minutes per day at top volume of 60%. Another important fact is also the design of the headphones. Avoid the earphones that are positioned straight into the ear canal, headphones that cover the entire ear are a lot safer.

Listen to your music with quality sound. It might be a bit more expensive at a time but can you really put a price on hearing?